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At Secret Sauce Events (SSE), we specialize in providing project management support on government and military technology days, cybersecurity training days, and cybersecurity symposiums.

SSE conducts events only at select locations and concentrates on making each event a no-cost educational forum for our location hosts, association partners, and attendees. The events also serve as an extremely valuable networking tool for sponsors and exhibitors.

We call our events "Solutions Hubs”, and we invest our time in bringing in the best possible solution providers and presenters that are thought leaders and innovators in the IT and cybersecurity fields.

The event comes first at SSE. Meaning, the success of the event is first and foremost. We do not put any other priority above conducting the best event possible. 


"Conferences have been very important for the interactions and the serendipitous relationships that they foster. I’ve learned so much from them. We do have to solve that problem because the tools that the IT community uses are the ones we buy.


We are highly dependent on knowing what’s out there.
For me as a Fed, learning about products one at a time is not an effective method. I have to see them all at once, see a broad repertoire, and learn what’s coming. "

Dorothy Aronson., CIO

National Science Foundation (NSF)| By Meritalk Staff | June 2, 2020 

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Our team has more than 25 years of on the ground experience in coordinating and managing technology days and cybersecurity symposiums for the Department of Defense, military, and civilian government agencies. That amounts to over 700 events. We have worked extremely hard for many years to perfect our craft in the field.



We have learned that you have to give all of your customers—event hosts, exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees—the same level of respect. The success of an event depends on making all the core participants, not just one group, happy with the outcome. We are all open innovation collaborators in the SSE community.



We plan to manage a finite number of annual events, and our mutual success depends on maximizing each one. We have created a company culture that is all about enjoying the event experience. We want to have fun and be productive at Secret Sauce Events, and we plan on delivering that attitude and spirit at every event.



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