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"Out of all the table top events that I have ever done, today's event (Fort Huachuca) has been the best. We have had many meaningful conversations."



Brad M. 

(3rd Annual Fort Huachuca Cyber Day Sponsor)




“Great job coordinating everything for the event SSE! Very impressive. I’ve been to a lot of events this year, and you really put together a great one."


James S.


(8th Annual Cyber Southwest Symposium) 




“Great event which led so some outstanding customer interactions"


Steve H.


(23rd Annual AFCEA Las Vegas Tech & Cyber Expo)





"Thank you all so much—I think this was the best event we’ve had this year with engagement and ease of use. I know going completely virtual was something no one was expecting this year, but you guys really pulled it off. We really appreciate it and look forward to next year!"



Meghan T.

 Multi-Media Specialist at Jacobs

(12th Annual Peak Cyber Sponsor)





"Thank you so much for your hard work and coordination of this event.  Even with these “new times”, I think you all did an amazing  job with the format and content"



Jackie S.

(11th Annual Peak Cyber Sponsor)



          “As a small IT solutions company primarily working with government, We really have to make sure we are getting the biggest bang for the buck with our marketing dollars. Working with SSE has allowed us to do just that. SSE events have exceeded the ROI”


                                                                                                                Michael S.

                                                                          G-MAN CYBER SECURITY LLC

"Thank you so very much for inviting me to attend the cyber event this week (AFCEA Las Vegas Tech and Cyber Day). It was a tremendous privilege and so educational.  I look forward to attending the April event"



Sandra B. 


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